I promised to deliver more than recipes, and I intend to keep that promise…starting now.

Chips and Salsa is one of my favorite snacks.  It’s the kind of snack that I start eating, and don’t realize how much I’ve eaten until there are no chips left in the bag.  I’m also not terribly picky about salsa, but there have always been some I liked more than others.

There was a restaurant in my college town, called Chili Willi’s, and they had my favorite salsa of all time.  Every time I would go home to visit, I would meet my friends there just so I could get some of their hot salsa.  They eventually started selling it as a packages product, which was exciting.  I would have my friends ship it to me when I had a craving.  Unfortunately, the restaurant ended up closing last year, and I haven’t had any salsa since.

Fast forward to late 2012.

In an attempt to try different salsas in hopes of finding a keeper, I stumbled across Salsa Texas.  From the name, I figured it was made in the state, but I didn’t realize it was produced right here in Houston.  At least this is where the home base is.  The best part about this salsa is that it tastes exactly like Chili Willi’s Hot Salsa.  I usually buy the Medium variety because the Hot can be a little much, but if you mix the 2 together, it’s perfection.

It has a delicious smoky flavor from the fire-roasted tomatoes.  It’s not very chunky either, but it is definitely scoopable.  This salsa has been a extremely satisfying replacement for the Chili Willi’s salsa I loved so much.

I’m not sure how far it reaches outside of Houston, but you can buy it locally at Kroger, Whole Foods and Central Market.

Besides the taste, the best part is that every time I eat it, the flavor takes me back to Huntington, WV, and I’m reminded of sitting in that tony restaurant downtown laughing and having the best times of our lives.